Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans, also known as Medigap plans, are excellent healthcare plans provided by private insurance companies who have been contracted by Medicare to sell them to seniors on their behalf. The Insurance companies have the mandate to set up the prices, but they follow the terms of Medicare when it comes to the lineup.  […]

Basic Medicare Supplement Plans 2021

Medicare supplemental plans 2021 are sold by private insurers and are also known as Medigap policies. These can help you pay for health care costs that Medicare does not cover, for example, depending on which plan you buy. They also offer you access to services that are not covered by Medicare when you travel outside […]

Good Basic Health Care for Seniors

Traditional Medicare provides good basic health care and pays for approved costs, but it does not typically cover all health costs, such as prescription drugs, hospital visits, and medical expenses. Medigap, a supplemental insurance plan, aims to bridge the gap between traditional Medicare and other health plans. It covers medical, dental, visual, mental and dental […]